I like to think of the location as an outdoor classroom that I will be able to use to instruct you on the finer points of targeting the species we are after. Baits, locations, and equipment will all be discussed and explained in full detail for a better understanding of the experience. I hope that you can walk away from the experience with more knowledge and confidence so that you can go out on your own and catch more and bigger fish.

My trips are catered special to each individual and I try to be flexible conditions are just not right for a particular experience so I may suggest other options so that you have a trip that fits your needs and time frame.

Fox River

The Fox River is one of the top smallmouth bass fisheries in the area and these will be the primary fish we pursue. The Fox also has a healthy population of walleye, channel and flathead catfish and white bass. It’s also possible to tie into the occasional northern pike or muskie.

Lake Michigan Harbors

The Lake Michigan Harbors can offer some fine Salmon and trout opportunities. It is my desire and goal to allow you to experience this fine fishing at its best. I primarily guide the harbors in Wisconsin, however I will sometimes venture down into Illinois.

Lake Michigan Tributaries

The Lake Michigan Tributaries can offer some fine Steelhead opportunities. It is my desire and goal to allow you to experience this fine fishing at its best. I primarily guide the streams in Indiana, however will venture to Wisconsin to fish those rivers as well. My number one goal is to teach you how to properly target these wary fish. We will cover reading the water, proper gear and presentation, and proper drifting techniques. Primarily we will be float fishing, however in-line spinners are also a dynamite technique that will be utilized.