I am a Pro-Staff member with many companies, however I also work with other companies on a personal and professional basis. These companies are important to me and they offer the outdoorsmen and women the latest and greatest in quality gear and service. Please take some time to look at their information and I hope they can help you as much as they have helped me.

Pro-Staff Companies


Over 20 years ago we founded a company built on a simple formula:

performance and quality.

Big Jon Sports

Most anglers and boaters are often bombarded with the latest and greatest in technology to improve the way we fish and target the species we fish for. This can be quite overwhelming and can often lead to confusion of what is best for the way we fish.

CLAM Outdoors

For over 30 years Clam Outdoors has stood for the best in outdoor gear. Our customers tell us that the Clam name means dependable, durable, and tough. That’s important, because no one wants to be out in the field or on the ice and have a problem with their gear.

Vicious Fishing

It all started early in the Spring of 2006, when Jeff Martin and his mother, Ms. Sylvia, arranged a group of guys around a table to look at some logos for the line company they had aquired the previous year. It was on this day that the Vicious Fishing brand was born.  At this time, all we really had was a superior product, a great name, a cool logo and a definable icon by the name of “Vic”.

Ego S2 Slider

The revolutionary EGO S2 Slider landing net and fishing accessory product system, utilizing the most advanced handle extension technology available, was designed specifically for the freshwater and light inshore saltwater fishing enthusiast.


Vexilar has been in the marine business since 1960. We have always been a small company with good hard working employees. Our goal has simply been to offer the sportsman innovative and quality products at affordable prices.

SPRO Corp.

SPRO works with America’s best Anglers to design the world’s finest fishing tackle. Using cutting edge technology and innovation, SPRO leads the way in developing the highest quality premium fishing equipment available.


For us at Okuma Fishing Tackle, fishing is a life-long adventure. Collectively, none of us fish as often, catch as many, or are as consistently successful as we would like, and thankfully so. Fishing is not a destination; it’s an endless pursuit that begins long before we ever get to the water. The anticipation of the next opportunity is as valuable as the time spent on the water.

Bass Pro Shops

In 1971, Johnny Morris, frustrated by the lack of tackle in local stores, rented a U-Haul® trailer and took off across the country filling it with the newest premium fishing tackle he could find. When he returned home to Springfield, Missouri, Johnny set up shop in his dad’s liquor store, which was located on the way to Table Rock Lake. With this simple idea, Bass Pro Shops® was born.

Respected Companies

Solar Bat

Solar Bat’s mission is to design, develop, and market high quality sunglasses at a variety of affordable price points. First and foremost are eye safety and eye protection. Solar Bat Sunglasses designs and incorporates lightweight and durable frames with lens tints designed to improve visual performance.  Customer satisfaction is vital to Solar Bat’s success, so our staff works extremely hard to assist each and every customer with their individual visual enhancement needs.


Outdoor Notebook Magazine

We are a small family business by choice- with an unparalleled reach in the Greater Chicagoland market. As we passed our 30th Anniversary of publishing and broadcasting, there are three milestones that we are especially proud of:


Everybody is familiar with GPS as used in cars and airline displays. Not everybody is aware that Navionics is the one that pioneered it all: simply stated, Navionics changed the way people navigate by bringing to market the world’s first electronic chart device in 1984, called the Geonav.


Few, if any, businesses today survive the kitchen-table dreams of their founders, especially in the outdoor industry where businesses come and go with the changing seasons. Yet, the leader in the outdoor equipment business has done just that – survived, grown and prospered from simple beginnings to become the largest mail-order, retail and Internet outdoor outfitter in the world.


For over 30 years we’ve been America’s favorite Fishfinder – the leading innovator of Side Imaging technology – providing recreational and professional anglers difference-making days out on the water, day after day, year after year.

Ice Team

No one has done more to advance the sport of ice fishing than Ice Team. Since 1997 our Pros have come up with every significant ice fishing method and refinement in history, starting with Dave Genz and the Clam Fish Trap and the Vexilar flasher. And today our Pros continue to blaze new trails.

MidWest Outdoors

Since 1967, MidWest Outdoors has been dedicated to helping people enjoy the outdoors. What began as a single publication is now an outdoors multi-media company serving fishermen and hunters in the upper Midwest with information on local and regional waters and woods.

Minn Kota

We build the toughest, most innovative trolling motors. The fastest, quietest, deepest-reaching shallow water anchors. And the most advanced battery chargers ever made.

That’s our business. That’s our name. And that’s our standard. It’s the one the other guys keep chasing. Meanwhile, we’ll keep taking you Anywhere. Anytime.

Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing, Inc. is a leading global provider of fishing tackle, lures, rods and reels with a portfolio of brands that includes Abu Garcia®, All Star®, Berkley®, Chub®, Fenwick®, Greys®, Hardy®, Hodgman®, Johnson®, JRC®, Mitchell®, Penn®, Pflueger®, Sebile®, Shakespeare®, SpiderWire®, Stren®, and Ugly Stik®.

Redwing Tackle

Redwing Tackle Manufactures and Distributes only fine quality fishing tackle. From our inception in the early eighties we have endeavored to design and produce only quality functional tackle. Our products are acknowledged to be the standard throughout the industry and our success is due simply to our steadfast desire to produce only the very best, and as you might guess our products are designed for fishermen by fishermen. Redwing Tackle is a Canadian company with distribution in both Canada and the United States.

Smooth Moves Seats

Today’s boats are big, high powered, and faster than ever; but even the best designed boats can still use a little help providing a smoother ride. Whether you are a novice angler, a weekend boater, or a serious tournament angler, your body can be subjected to harsh conditions on the water. Neck, spine, and back issues are commonplace amongst boaters and once they set in they can take the enjoyment out of boating and fishing. That is why Smooth Moves’ seat mounts are a critical addition to your boat.