Cory Yarmuth has been a part of the Big Jon sports research and development team now for about a year. Cory came highly recommended from a pro-fisherman by the name of Mark Martin. Right from the start Cory jumped in and gave us good constructive insight into the products we made and he used. Cory has been a great addition to the research team and always gives you transparency and on top of it all he’s a great fisherman. We are thankful to be able to work with Cory in a working relationship but we really value the friendship we have made with him since we began a year ago.

Jarod Timmer •

I have known Cory for 8 years. I have spent time on the ice, fishing with him. I have worked with him in the fishing industry and I have known him as a friend. Having known Cory in these aspects, I know his passion and knowledge of fishing, I have witnessed his professionalism in our industry and the respect that is so well deserved. I above all, see his integrity and his heart as a friend who truly cares and is such a great asset in all of his endeavors.

Cheryl Smith •

Cory is the ultimate professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and great at passing on that knowledge.

Don Vorwald •

I had the pleasure of working next to Cory at a spring show. He seemed to go above and beyond the call of duty of a normal representative, and fielded multiple questions, while selling a large amount of product. Having Cory on your team would have its definite benefits for any organization, fishing or other. He is one of the most honest people that I have met in some time.

James Ward •

Cory is a common sense, down-to-earth communicator that passes on his own real-world fishing experience to others. Cory tells it like it is and our customers appreciate his willingness to share what works for him.

Trevor Sumption •

One would be hard pressed to find a true representative of what fishing and hunting is all about, more genuine than Cory Yarmuth. I’ve talked with so many people in the industry who say the right words, but that’s exactly where it ends. Cory’s passion speaks for itself not just with his words, and incredible stories, but through the excitement he conveys with his expressions.

Cory’s professional attitude combined with his desire to teach and inspire those around him, especially youth, showcase what more of us should aspire to be.

I’ve been privileged to get to know Cory as a business contact, and now a friend. I’m not one to give compliments or recommendations that aren’t earned or well deserved. That said, Cory Yarmuth is a talented writer who walks every word that he talks. His work displays a constant regard of respect for all things hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. I hold Cory’s writing, and other credentials in high esteem, and strongly recommend him as an outdoor industry professional!

Keri Butt •