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Mark Martin, the Original Champ

Mark won the first PWT and at the time it was the highest cash prize in history for a walleye tournament. At that time it had earned him the distinction of being “the Original Champ”.

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Smooth Moves Ultra seats, A Smooth Ride For better Fishing

I know there have been days out on Lake Michigan that have left me hurting for a few days after fighting large waves and having the boat crashing down time and time again.  Not only does it make things uncomfortable, but it also can cause long-term damage.  This is even more evident when riding in an aluminum boat that tends to have less weight than its fiberglass counterpart.

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Weather Playing Havoc with Illinois’ Summer Fishing

If it is anything like mine the only word to describe it would be poor. The weather patterns in 2014 have done nothing good for the fishing and this is not something that as a fisherman I like to see. The seasons have changed, but the weather is not changing with them in it’s normal pattern.

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