After a day off I had taken a couple clients out on the creeks after some steelhead. The fish didn’t want to cooperate so on Friday the 30th I decided it was time to head out on the boat in search of some browns and lakers. We fished in some of the worst conditions you could dream up. Rain, near freezing temperatures, and changing wind conditions creating confused seas. I was joined by Ed Schmitt again and we braved the weather, the wind, and put some great fish in the boat. We caught well over a two man limit of brown trout (only kept 5 for a meal) and landed a few nice lakers as well.
Enjoy the photos from this Friday

Outside the Weather was Frightfull
Oh how the ride was delightful
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!
Ed shows off his Laker catching skills!
and he strikes again
I decided to join in the fun.

We didn’t take any pictures of the browns, but they were a good eating variety.
The boat is sitting in the garage drying out and I am still trying to gain the feeling back in my fingers and face. Who else could say they had the chance to end 2011 fishing Lake Michigan from a boat and have a sucessfull outing to boot? The crazy duo of Ed and Cory, that’s who! We just chaulk this one up to having a passion for something and that passion is for fishing. Rain, sleet, snow or wind will not keep us from the water. Crazy? maybe. Dedicated? Yes.

Cory Yarmuth