Clam outdoors never seems to stop moving forward.  They just keep coming out with more and more innovative equipment for the ice angler.  Even with above average temperatures last ice season this certainly has not detered Clam from coming out with a new suit to meet the needs of all ice anglers.

Here is a recent look into this new extreme weather suit.


Medina, Minn. (July 17, 2012) – Ultra-cool in style, ultra-warm in extreme weather conditions, the newest products for the next ice fishing season can be found in IceArmor®Ultra™Bibs, Ultra™Parka and accessories: Ultra™Gloves and Ultra™Mitts. Some companies call it good, better and best. At IceArmor™, all products are crafted with the finest of materials and extreme attention to detail. The levels of outwear are geared to the conditions and nuanced sensitivity to cold. IceArmor®Ultra™takes it to the next level.


Ask any person who has been on a road trip without dual-control thermostats for a car; human bodies tolerate temperatures, and subsequent comfort at various temperatures, quite widely. Same on the ice. Some can handle dropping temperatures and gusting winds with ease. Hard water anglers can count themselves amongst the lucky, because their options, whether for themselves or the family they fish with, just ratcheted up a notch. ―This new Ultra series will help folks stay out in the cold longer and be more comfortable while they’re out,‖ shared Steve Geertsen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Clam Outdoors. ―It really expands the entire ice fishing season when more days are fishable days with the right gear.‖―As soon as I saw the IceArmor Ultra I knew I had to own it,‖ shared Gary Parsons, professional angler, TV host of The Next Bite and IceArmor pro staff. ―Every attention to detail is first class in the bib and parkas. And the leather on the gloves and mitts adds an quality element that will really keep your hands warm. Now I have my own IceArmor Ultra.‖Of course the new line up of gear is waterproof, windproof and breathable. What you might not see is that more 3M Thinsulate


™is used at heavier weights. That preserves warmth without excess weight. New forward-thinking design changes, like extra long zippers for easier access over-the-boot, and pass-through zippers to access jeans pockets in the bibs, will be welcome tweaks for the 2013 season.

The Ultra parka boasts an adjustable detachable zip-off hood with reflective Scotchlite

™safety piping and more pockets with strategic niche functions, like just right depth for your cell phone or truck remote keys or even roomy mesh pockets for mitts. ―A lot of thought went into designing just the right pocket at just the right location. With 14 pockets, I’ll bet there will be more pockets than a person has stuff,‖ shared Nick Chiodo, Director of Marketing for Clam Outdoors. ―So we made some pockets multi-use, too. Likelining and insulating strategic pockets so they provide more hand-warming opportunity. It’s just part of the attention to detail with this new Ultra line series.‖

All the gotta-have features of the other IceArmor gear is here: adjustable cuffs, sturdy two-way zippers, D-rings, toggles and bungees and comfortable tricot lining. Two additional change ups for Ultra are the use of high-visibility 3M Scotchlite reflective safety accents and underarm zip ventilation.

Both the Ultra Gloves and Ultra Mitts have leather appointments that give the each item a quality notch up. Right off the shelf they look and feel like a tried-and-true favorite pair. The soft and supple addition of leather, and the zippered pocket for inserting a hand warmer shows that IceArmor knows how to take care of your hands. ―There’s a reason snowmobilers like leather gloves,‖ shared Gary Parsons. ―They know leather keeps your hands warmer. And I like staying warm.‖ For the consumer that has a long run in the elements to get to their spot, or the guy that pushes the envelope in extreme conditions and needs the gear that will not leave him regretting the decision to go—anglers will love IceArmor’s Ultra option. IceArmor is the leader and innovator in cold-weather gear and accessories. The rise in ice fishing participation can be attributed to the quality products from Clam Outdoors that makes time on the ice more comfortable and more productive for everyone.