Being in the outdoor world I get the opportunity to spend a bit of time with all types of people. People that range from beginners to seasoned veterans. Every once in a while I get the opportunity to run into what most would call a celebrity.

Recently while working at one of my events I was able to meet and watch a man in action as he shared his passion for fishing with others. Brian “Bro” Brosdahl certainly made an impression on me as well as all the other guests that were there to see him.

Brian is the kind of man that wouldn’t consider himself as celebrity status; he is just a man with a passion and a knowledge base that would make most heads spin. His passion for the sport of fishing is immeasurable and it can be seen when he talks about the subject.

They say that non-verbal communication can say a lot about a person. When Brian talks, people listen. I don’t know if it is because between his hands tell the story while his mouth is moving along with the beat like a well rehearsed band. The passion for what is being discussed can be seen a mile away.

Growing up in the small town of Brooklyn Center just north of the twin cities in Minnesota Brian was in the heart of the fishing Mecca. As a young man he moved up to the Lake Winnibigoshish area. Given his geographic location he was able to capitalize on this and he began his guide service to help teach others the art of fishing the local waters in the Minnesota area. He has been able to guide the area for the last 20 years.

The resume of this professional is long and would read like a screen play. If he isn’t guiding the waters of Minnesota, he is appearing on multiple TV shows like Midwest outdoors, Linder’s angling edge, In-Fisherman TV, or North American Fisherman. You may even sneak a peak of him when picking up one of your favorite outdoor magazines. It seems that his face is everywhere.

Working with several outdoor companies Brian is there to help promote and improve their products, a task that he doesn’t take lightly. “You have to believe in a product” and have faith in a company to properly represent what you are talking about. Not only does Brian believe in these companies, but they look to him for input on their products.

Over the years companies like Frabill have listened to what Brian has to say and have come out with products that feature his name. These products were developed, tested, and proved by Brian himself before they were ever able to be associated with his name. Brian is a firm believer in using what feels best to you. “If it feels right, then use it” I overheard him say.

This holds true with other companies such as Northland tackle. You can find the “bro” bugs and other such baits that were created by Brian and then his ideas were incorporated into the product that you see on the shelves of your local sporting goods dealers.

All of this knowledge, experience, and skill led Brian to many top 10 finishes in some of the most prestigious tournament circuits around. The FLW tour is full of the top walleye fisherman in the world and Brian is one of them.

Walleye and bass are his main target species during the spring and summer as he runs his own guide service that capitalizes on the great fishing opportunities in the Minnesota area. Brian’s summer guide service offers full service fishing on Cass Lake, Upper Red Lake, Lake Bemidji, Lake Winnibigoshish, Leech Lake and many other area lakes.

There is no secret, however, that Brian holds one species of fish in high regards. The bluegill would be the number one species that he prefers to chase. When the ice forms on the lakes Brian is armed with his short Frabill “Bro” series ice rods and his Humminbird electronics drilling hole after hole in search of this worthy prey.

In his search for the bull gills of the north he has even developed his own line of ice jigs with the help of Northland tackle. The “Bro” bugs have come to life with his hard work and research. Brian was also the first to pioneer the “Bro” dropper rig. This is a rig that utilizes the flash of a spoon with the finesse of a small presentation below to entice those big gills to bite.

Bro’s guides service is a multi-species and multi-presentation style of guiding. He offers trips that cater to all individuals, but if you ask him what his favorite client is he would respond by telling you that kids are number one priority. I share the same passion as Brian when it comes to taking kids out fishing. Getting them started young and teaching them the basics is key to developing a new addition to the sport.

Passing on knowledge to others is what it is all about to Brian and taking a kid fishing is something that he feels is an important part of passing on the traditions of fishing and the respect that it deserves. When comparing notes I found that Brian feels the same about the future of our sport as I do. The youth of the world should be allowed to learn and experience the outdoors and he is passionate about teaching this to parents and their children.

Someone once said that behind every great man there always stands a great woman. I suppose it could have been a woman that said this, but in any case it certainly holds true with Brian. Brian’s number one fan is his wife and fishing partner, Heather. Heather is a Chicago native and this contrast to Brian’s Minnesota upbringing provides a great combination of personalities. Between the two there is enough energy and life that if you could harness it would power a small city.

If they aren’t fishing tournaments together they are traveling around the country speaking at events and entertaining crowds with their talent and information. I am amazed at the energy that they both posses and the passion for the sport that just oozes out of every pore in their personalities.

Fishing is more than a job for Brian and Heather. It is a way of life and it refreshing to watch as the two interact with people and are so open to share their knowledge and experiences. There are no secrets and egos to overcome. Open and honest would be two great words to describe the two.

They are certainly a pair to reckon with on the tournament circuit and when they get together in the boat you know that not only are they ready to get to work, but they have fun in doing so. They are more than just a husband and wife, they are a team and their abilities complement each other.

I suppose I could dive deeper into the lives of Brian and Heather, but there are only so many words that can be used to describe such a dynamic couple. I know for me it was a great pleasure and honor to speak with them and I should hope that if you are ever able to chat with them that you take full advantage of the opportunity.

Make sure you listen closely to what Brian has to say as the knowledge that he can pass on will not only make you a better fisherman, but it will also enrich your life and knowledge of the sport of fishing. I know that my time spent with Brian is held in high regards and that hopefully I can live up to my dreams of becoming at least half as knowledgeable as Brian has become.

Good luck out there Brian and keep on fishing!