I don’t know if anybody noticed, but it was darn cold out this morning. That could only lead to one thing, ice season! Yea I know I am a bit early, but last year we were out on the ice at the end of November so don’t think we are totally out of the woods.

Being comfortable on the ice is key when you plan on being out all day and when that temperature drops close to 0degf it can make things almost unbearable. This is when the ice shelter comes in handy. Clam has always been on top of the ice shelter market and they have introduced a new Jason Mitchel series insulated shelter that can make things that much nicer while out on the ice.

New thermal shelters provide the comforts of home
Designed by legendary guide Jason Mitchell for success & comfort on the ice

Minneapolis, MN – Legendary fishing guide and outdoor personality Jason Mitchell is well aware about what it means to be out in the cold. He has dealt with it for decades thanks to his experience guiding on North Dakota’s Devil’s Lake. That massive sheet of ice in the middle of the frozen prairie is home to winter winds blowing hard across the plain and temperatures averaging in the single digits but easily dipping to 50 below zero.

Surviving those conditions is difficult to imagine but Jason Mitchell has not only survived, he has thrived as an ice angler and ice fishing guide. A long-time Clam Corporation pro-staff member, we picked his brain so hard for these two shelters we decided to put his name on them. The Jason Mitchell Pro Thermal and Jason Mitchell Thermal X are for ice anglers who want to sit in comfort and laugh at any treatment Jack Frost can try to dish out.

These shelters feature a Full Thermal Top meaning they retain up to 25 degrees more heat while reducing condensation that can build up. Both feature front and rear access doors for easy entry and include several luxury items such as the new Clam Bait Well, a battery bracket and Clam’s new Sled Lights. Those three items represent the top of the line in ice fishing shelter accessories and are made to allow ice anglers more time on the ice.

Jason Mitchell Pro Thermal
A roomy shelter made to easily fit one angler with plenty of gear, the Pro Thermal gets its name from its Full Thermal Top. It features a removable folding seat that moves front to back and left to right for maximum comfort. The EZ Glide Pole system makes it easy to set up and easier to get out of the cold and into the fish. Set-up size is a roomy 80 inches long by 45 inches wide with a center height of 60 inches.

The One Man thermal

Jason Mitchell Thermal X
This two person Thermal X measures 92 inches by 72 inches and is 75 inches high in the middle. The Extreme 11/4 ” pole system makes it simple to set up and tear down while the deluxe padded swivel seats with backrests are so comfortable you’ll never want to leave. A Full Thermal Top helps retain up to 25 degrees more heat and reduces condensation. We’ve also installed all the bells and whistles including the Bait Well, battery bracket and Cam’s new Sled Lights for lighting up the fishing area and sled.

The two man thermal X
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