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Vicious Fishing

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It all started early in the Spring of 2006, when Jeff Martin and his mother, Ms. Sylvia, arranged a group of guys around a table to look at some logos for the line company they had aquired the previous year. It was on this day that the Vicious Fishing brand was born.  At this time, all we really had was a superior product, a great name, a cool logo and a definable icon by the name of “Vic”.

Then in July, full of excitement, our team headed for ICAST 2006 in Las Vegas.  We had no booth, no formal product offering, no distribution, but we shook a lot of hands, presented to those that would listen and did what we could to share our dreams and get noticed. By the end of the show, some of the industry insiders had figured us out – we were a group of outdoor-loving people that wanted to have some fun and be a voice for others just like us.  We had caused a little ripple in the industry, and to the ‘ol timers, it felt good to have someone there for all the right reasons.

In January 2007, we shipped our first boxes of Vicious Fishing branded line to some independent retailers – many of which are still with us today. And since that time the company has been fortunate to make some great friends, find some loyal customers and grow despite the odds.

Jeff and Ms. Sylvia run the company today just like they did when it started – with respect and appreciation for everyone that embraces their brand, their products and the outdoor lifestyle they love. Sure, there are many more Vicious products today than there were even a couple years ago, but we stand by each and every one of them to deliver the quality and value our friends and family have come to expect.

Thus, what can you anticipate from Vicious in the future? With Jeff and Ms. Sylvia leading the charge, we guarantee more of the same. Ms. Sylvia has said more than once that in order for us to be successful we must first have fun, and second, offer exceptional value and quality products. With a plan like that, what else could you expect?

So, what does it mean when you hear “GET VICIOUS”? It means believe in what you are doing, share that passion with others and most importantly have fun and make memories doing it.

Thanks again for being a part of the gang!