Five days in a row of work can only add up to one thing. That one thing, of course, is the weekend. What did you expect it to be? More work? Not this weekend.

It’s fall and the water temps are cooling down and that means one thing to me. It means that the fish are hungry and it’s time to get out on the water.

One of my favorite fall places to fish is Lake Geneva and the time is just about there. I couldn’t wait so I headed out this morning to see if the smallies had started to school up and feed.

Launch time was 6:00 and the air temps were in the upper 30s. After the launch I noticed that the water temps were still a bit high. The coolest we found was about 55deg and we were really hoping for 50 to 51, but at least we were fishing right?

We started the day throwing plastics in the deeper weed edges and ended up picking up a couple largemouth and had the typical rockbass bites, but we were searching for the smallies. Our approach changed and we started lindy rigging live perch on the deep breaklines. This is a technique that can and will produce some of those monster bronzebacks that we are always hoping for.

That didn’t hold true for us today, but a couple fish were caught and when we dropped the camera down onto the breakline we were able to see some fish moving and the beginnings of some of these fish to start schooling up. It will only be a matter of a couple weeks and the fall bite will be in full swing.

I love fall!

One of the nice Bronzebacks