What a pleasure it was!

Ok, so you ask, what was it that was a pleasure?  I just returned from Northern Minnesota where I participated in an event for outdoor writers.  The event is known as Ice Shots and it is specifically designed with the outdoor communicator in mind.

We were introduced to new and existing product in the world of ice fishing.  Some of the product hasn’t even hit the stores yet and, for that matter, we were the first to take photos of some of the product. Shhh I can’t tell you about it yet, but you certainly won’t be disappointed when you see what is in store for next season.


The event was held on Leech Lake in Walker MN. and I had the pleasure of staying at Chase On The Lake resort.

Chase On The Lake is not your average hotel, but a five-star resort that offers its guests anything and everything you can imagine to make your stay a great experience.  They offer snowmobile rental, X-country ski rental, fishing guides, top notch meals in the 502 Restaurant, a beautiful pool and hot tub, and best of all they are right on Leech Lake.  To learn more go to Chase On The Lake.

The event was hosted by Clam Outdoors and Vexilar Electronics as well as Leisure outdoor Adventures.  Names that go hand-in-hand when it comes to ice fishing.  These companies are key players in the industry and the innovations that they have been a part of have and will revolutionize the industry.

There are so many things that I had the chance to see, photograph, and even test out for myself that it is killing me to keep my mouth shut about these products.  However, it won’t be long and you will start to see these with your very own eyes.

I know that as a fisherman these products are going to change the way I fish and the way ice fishing is viewed by the average angler.  Clam and Vexilar have not disappointed in their efforts to make ice-angling a great and fun sport.

The event was a busy three days, but I was able to meet and talk with many of the pro’s on hand such as Jason Mitchell, Dave Genz, Matt Breuer, Corey Bechtold, Jeff Andersen, and many others.  They took time out of their busy lives to fish with us as well as allow us into their craft.


I was also able to visit with many of the Clam and Vexilar staff and without them I could not fish the way I do today.  Nick Chido, Corey Studer, Tom Zenanko, Matt Johnson, and all the rest of the Clam and Vexilar staff were very gracious hosts.  I cannot forget about Steve Olson who supplied us with the great accommodations and food.

There are too many people to thank for such a wonderful event so it seems only fitting that it is done publically. I personally want to thank everyone involved for putting on an event that I know that will be a permanent addition to my calendar for each and every following year.

It was also a great pleasure to meet other outdoor writers and editors.  People from North American Fisherman, InFish, F&W as well as Up North magazine.  Great to meet everybody!

Thank you to all of those that were involved!