Late fall triggers the local harbors to heat up with some great trout action. The kings have come in and spawned and the Brown trout are next in line to proliferate the species.

These fish can reach in excess of 20lbs and tangling with them on light line is absolute blast. This past weekend I took advantage of the nice weather to get the boat out and hit Kenosha Harbor to see if I couldn’t hook up with a bruiser of a Trout.

While no big fish were caught I was able to land two nice colored,spawned out females. The first fish hit a green back/silver belly X-rap twitched across a deep section of the harbor.

The water temps were around 48 deg and the wind was kicking pretty hard out of the southeast. This made float control difficult. This time of year I like to fish a chartreuse spawn sac under a float or a white tube jig tipped with couple of wax worms.

This day, since the water clarity was lower than usual I chose something with more scent and worked a spawn sac on a mall #8 Redwing saber hook in the areas that typically hold fish. It wasn’t long and my float shot out of sight and I was battling another spawned out hen brown.

Both fish were released to fight another day. The fishing was slow, but it still felt good to be out on the water. Any day on the water is better than sitting inside or at the office.

Part of what makes fishing this time of year even much more satisfying is the fact that many of the fish I catch are caught using hand tied presentations. Spawn sacs are used quite extensively and sitting down and tying up a few dozen takes little time and offers a rewarding satisfaction when that bait is responsible for catching fish that day.

I have a little station that I spend my time tying up sacs of different colors using Redwing Tackle netting and loose brown, coho, steelhead, or king eggs. The combinations are endless and it all depends on the quarry you are after. I will focus more on the preparations and tying at a later date.

Good Luck and Good Fishing
Legend Outdoors