For years I have been fishing a bait called the “Ping-A-T”. This is a flatfish style bait that was originally developed in the early 1970’s.  This has been a staple for me since I was a kid when it came to casting for the shore salmon and trout runs.

Recently I have been introduced to a bait that could change the way I approach my salmon fishing, both from shore and the boat.  Yakima bait company has come out with a larger version of their popular “Mag lip” lure.  This bait is a game changer when it comes to body baits for king salmon.

The Mag Lip is a odd looking flatfish bait that has the wide wobble that the fish like, but it also has a sort of “skip” action to it that changes things up a bit and gets those fish to strike.  You can fish it plain or you can strap a strip of hearing to the belly to add some scent.

I can certainly see that I will have all sizes of the Mag Lip in my boxes this year for chasing Kings as well as steelhead and Brown trout.  Watch for future articles on the success had by trolling or casting this great bait.

Here is what Yakima Had to say about the new Mag Lip 5 size:

Granger, WA – Building on the tremendous success of the Mag Lip 4.5 and Mag Lip 3.5, Yakima Bait is adding the new 5.0 to the Mag Lip series.

“Mag Lip has found its way quickly into the market. It’s unique

‘Skip Beat’ action delivers a strike stimulating kick to its swimming action that has been incredibly effective in catching salmon, steelhead and trout”, commented   Buzz Ramsey, Brand Manager and lure designer for Yakima Bait Company.


“The action is everything. Certainly, color is important, so is the lure’s profile but it has to have that special action to enhance the effectiveness of the other attributes. Before, you had to buy 10 or 20 plugs to find the one that fish wanted…that one plug that had that special action that drove fish to bite. The challenge has been producing that characteristic  in  every plug  and  that’s  what  we’ve  done with the Mag Lip series — they all swim perfect right out of the package and every one of these plugs has that  specialn‘Skip Beat’ action that gets fish to bite.”

The Mag Lip 5.0 is available in 45 “salmon” finishes and comes rigged with two 2/0 extra sharp treble hooks.  The “5.0” means its 5” long and like all Mag Lip, the Mag Lip 5.0 has side grooves designed to hold bait wrap thread in place when applying a bait wrap to the underside of the plug. The Mag Lip 5.0 dives to depths up to 20 feet depending on how much line has been let out  and the diameter  of line being used and can be fished in water speeds up to 4.5 MPH. All Mag Lip can be trolled or back-trolled effectively.


Ramsey finished, “The Mag Lip 5.0 in early testing is already exceeding expectations. Fished side-by-side with other pop- ular salmon plugs it’s the one salmon are biting, three, four and five times more than any other plug being fished. The Mag Lip 5.0 is perfect for any and all salmon fisheries from Alaska to Northern California and east to the Great Lakes… wherever you find silver and King salmon, the Mag Lip 5.0 is a perfect fit.”

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