It just keeps getting better and better!  Clam Outdoors has put more product out into the market with the help of the Legend Dave Genz Clam Pro Tackle was born.

There isn’t much to say about this than WOW! Clam Marketing has pretty much summed it up here:

Introducing the middle of the lineup for Clam Pro Tackle™


Get to know these names: Blade Spoon™, Blade Jig™, Speed Spoon™, Bomb Spoon™, and Psycho Shad™. They’re all part of an innovative series of midsize baits in the new Clam Pro Tackle™ lineup.

Intended to help you target big crappies, jumbo perch, walleyes, pike, bass, and more.

After sticking to matters above the ice for all these years, Clam Outdoors™ – makers of Clam™ and Fish Trap™ shelters, IceArmor™ clothing and boots, and other famous ice fishing products – is plunging headlong into ice tackle. In addition to an innovative array of “ice jigs,” the line features spoons and jigs, a “deadstick” spoon, one-of-a-kind vertical pounding bait and shad-body jigging bait.

In this grouping are lures that slip and slide, flutter and glide, even bomb straight down to deep-water fish. Clam pros call this collection a must-have, the actual stuff they bring out on the ice on a daily basis.

Let’s look at this category of midsize magic makers.

Blade Spoon

Cover a swath of horizontal territory with the water slicing, random fluttering Blade Spoon. The secret is the flat rhombic triangle front – slices through the water on the upward snap, then contributes to an incredibly realistic, dying baitfish flutter as you let it free-fall on slack line. No way to keep it in the cone angle until it settles back.

Call fish in, then yo-yo it in their face to finish the job.

Clam pro Jason Durham relies on the Blade Spoon™ to “expand horizontal coverage” and call fish from a distance. “Even though we’re ultra-mobile,” he says, “ultimately you’re trying to get fish to approach you. The first thing I use is the flash and vibration of a spoon.”

In 1/4-ounce, #8 Mustad Ultra Point™ red treble hook; 1/8-ounce, #10 treble; and 1/16-ounce, #12 treble. Six great color patterns, all of which glow.Blade Spoon_Glow Rainbow Tiger

Blade Jig

We take the same body as the Blade Spoon™ and mold it onto a fixed single hook. (Not just any hook, either; like the Blade Spoon™, it’s a Mustad Ultra Point™ red hook.)

Simply put, it makes a fabulous dead-stick weapon. Bait it up with a fathead or shiner and put it down there on your second rod, bobber rod, rattle reel or tip-up.

In 1/8-ounce, #6 hook; and 1/16-ounce, #8 hook. Six colors, all of which glow.


Speed Spoon

Big perch with foreheads love this thing. Or hate it. Hard to tell. It’s a jigging spoon with a chain holding a detailed matching epoxy trailer, that darts and pulses to its own beat as you work the spoon. For starters, the spoon drops straight and fast, to get you down to schools of roaming fish. Often, there is no time to spare.

Once in the zone, the chain and matching epoxy trailer make the right noise, and look vulnerable to attack. Dance it with moderate jigging movements, jumping the rod tip about a foot at a time, to call fish in. Tighten up the jigging and play with cadence when fish show up. Catch one, bait up, and get back down there as fast as possible.

That’s the game, and that’s what Speed Spoon™ is designed for.

Also deadly on crappies, walleyes, pike, and bass.

In 1/8-ounce, fitted with either a #12 treble or #8 single hook trailer. Four great glow colors along with shiny Silver Tiger and Gold Tiger.

Speed Spoon Single_Glow Red

Bomb Spoon

It’s the Bomb! It’s all about speed fishing and pounding out the cadence. Epoxy-adorned treble hook shimmies and the whole package is compact, so fish get it in on the first try. Cover water, fish efficiently, fish fast, with this original Genz design. Shows up well on flashers, even in low power mode, so you can see it in the weeds.

 “This lure is all about efficiency,” says Genz. “A vertical, pounding spoon that lets you create whatever cadence the fish want that day. You can experiment with confidence, and you’ll know when you get it right. Keep changing your jigging motion until you do.”

In 1/4-ounce with #12 treble hook; 3/16-ounce with #12 treble; 1/8-ounce with #14 treble; and 1/16-ounce with #16 treble. Four great glow colors along with shiny Silver Tiger and Gold Tiger.  This is going to be a classic.

Bomb Spoon_Glow Chart Tiger

Psycho Shad

Even before we’d fished the Psycho Shad™, it was a show stopper.

500-gallon testing tank at Clam. Pro staff gathered around, watching prototypes being lowered and worked from a 6-foot ladder.

Dropped on slack line, the Psycho Shad™ is like a penny going down a wishing well. No tellin’ where it’s gonna head. Serpentine, natural swimming motion as it sinks, moving well outside even the cone of a flasher. Rip it in 1-3 foot motions, letting it drop on slack, swimming, undulating, back and forth. It’s a jaw dropper and amazing fish catcher.

Connect with a plain snap or loop knot. It’s a go-to search bait that calls fish into your hole from a distance. Smaller version for panfish; bigger for gamefish.

In three sizes and six colors.

Hot tip: gathers fish into an area where tip-ups are set.

Psycho Shad_Red White

For the full story behind new Clam Pro Tackle™, check out the full-color catalog at The catalog is loaded with QR codes that lead directly to videos showing these new baits in action.

We don’t want to just sell you tackle. We want you to catch fish with it.

About Clam™

Clam Outdoors™ kick-started – and drove – the modern ice fishing revolution more than 30 years ago, with creation of the Fish Trap™ instant setup shelter. The company has been innovating ever since, developing other Clam portable ice shelters, IceArmor™ clothing and boots, Dave Genz and Jason Mitchell Elite Series™ fishing rods, and a wide array of accessories. Clam also makes durable and functional Polar™ ATV trailers, IceArmor Hunt clothing, and summer recreational products like the Clam Six Pack 1660 Mag Screen Tent.

Until now, Clam has focused on matters above the ice. But in 2013, Clam Pro Tackle™, a breakthrough lineup of the finest ice fishing tackle ever developed, joined the family.

Cory Yarmuth
Legend Outdoors