I have recently found a bait that is making its way into my bag of tricks. The PK Flutter Fish has been around for many years, however it wasn’t until recent that I learned more about this versatile bait.

The Flutter Fish is an hourglass shaped spoon that offers one of the more realistic profiles to a wounded minnow than most I have seen out there. It has a superior paint job as well and the color schemes are developed to catch fish and not fishermen.

I have talked with one of the PK Lures Pro staff member Brandon Stranton with Teamgunsmoke Charters and he has nothing but positive things to say about these PK spoons.

As with any bait there is always a learning curve as to how work it effectively to catch fish, however that seems to be the same with any bait you choose. My box is full of spoons from all manufactures. I use the CLAM Blade spoon as well as Northland Buckshot Spoons and they all have their place and time to catch fish. This year the PK spoon line will also start to form as another option to my bag of tricks.

One of the things that I am looking forward to is making modifications to the spoon to convert it into a blade style bait. Pat Ogrady with PK Lures has demonstrated a way to drill a hole in the blank to create a bait that is a combination of a spoon and a blade bait. Talk about versatile!


I am not trying to sound like a commercial by any means here. This is just a bit of information that I have been digging around learning more and more about in order to improve both my ice fishing as well as my open water fishing.

It is always a fun adventure when you are able to become introduced to a new lure or technique for fishing. It is all about learning and improving the way you fish. If you close off your mind to leaning then you will never become better at what you do and you will be the one guy that when asked “did you catch anything” your response will always be “the scenery was nice”.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be the guy holding up that monster Walleye or smiling while getting my photo taken holding a giant of a crappie.

So to get back to the original idea of this posting, what do you have in your spoon box? Do you plan on adding anything new?

Let’s hear what you have to say.

Cory Yarmuth
Legend Outdoors