Tournament fishing in rough conditions can be tough and when it is key to get to your spots quickly, but safely in order to get to the fish the pressure is on to put your body through  pounding waves.

The way to counteract this heavy pounding is to switch over to a suspension seat system similar to what the over the road truckers use in their trucks.  There are a few brands out there for the angler, however what I have found is that they tend to take up too much room in the boat.  To instal them properly you have to move your seat back about 6-8 inches thus making you loose room in the rear of the boat.

Room in back of the boat is essential when trolling for walleye or salmon and that is just room that I cannot afford to loose.  In order to remedy both situations Smooth Moves has come out with the “ULTRA” seat that allows you to have the much needed suspension without sacrificing the space.

These seats will soon find their way into my boat and they are certainly going to improve my day on the water.  Not to mention the co-angler that I might have riding with me.  If you are in the market to improve your ride take a look at these seats and I am sure you won’t be sorry.

Watch for more articles discussing suspension seats and other items to improve your day out on the water.

Cory Yarmuth
Legend Outdoors