I know this may seem a bit out of the ordinary for something that you would see from me, but it is something that sits in the back of my mind and I just can’t shake the idea.  I want ink!

Crazy? Stupid? Unnecessary? yes all of those thought pop up, but it still doesn’t curb my appetite for a bit of artwork on my body.  Tattoos have been around for centuries and as of late have become very popular for all walks of life.  They are used to express yourself, your beliefs, thoughts and also as remembrance.  Why do they have such a draw?

I wish I could answer that kind of question, but I just cannot.  The fact that I want one is enough for me, the fact that they are expensive is something that keeps me from going down that road.  Sounds petty I know, but in my mind the justification of the ink doesn’t match what the cards of life have played me right now.  How do I overcome that?  Well as the Nike commercials have said, “Just Do It”.

So I suppose you are wondering what would this straight laced, average Joe fisherman get?  Well let me tell you my idea and see if it is what you had expected.

I have photos, prints, paintings and all sorts of fishing and hunting memoribilia adorning my walls, shelves and such, so why not put something on my skin.

There is nothing drawn up and put onto paper, but it has to be something that ties in my love of fishing and the outdoors.  It also needs to be something that others will look at and get the WOW factor out of.  For this I want to combine my love of the Pin-Up model and fishing.  Kinda hard to wrap your brain around isn’t it?

She is to have the lovely dark Locks of Betty Paige and the feel of the era when pin-ups adorned the nose of the bombers in the war.  I don’t want a dainty little woman with a fishing pole.  She has to be sexy.  Sex sells, but sexy is a whole different ballgame.  Imagination and creativity of the artist that I choose will certainly define more of what the ink would end up as it is put into my skin.

So a fishing pin-up, who would have thought?

Who knows, maybe in the next few months you may just see a big picture of some fresh ink on me.  Stay tuned!