Here is the news that I would like to share with you all:

For over 35 years Tom Zenanko has dedicated his life to teaching people to fish, from his television series the Sportsman’s Journal, shown on 43 markets in the 1980’s to his bestselling video tapes series, Tom Zenanko’s Fishing Tips and Secrets. Zenanko, also authored four successful books on fishing and published a weekly hunting and fishing magazine, The Sportsman’s Press. He has performed well over 1200 seminars in 28 states.¬† Zenanko, competed and won many local and regional bass tournaments and even won the Professional Walleye Trail’s Western Walleye Championship in 1992. Zenanko currently hosts and produces¬†“Ice Fishing Today Television,” which was the first web-based fishing program sponsored by his current employer Vexilar.

Congratulations Tom!!!