I’m not really having walleye for Thanksgiving, but I hope to be catching some of the golden critters over the long holiday weekend. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with walleye for a Thanksgiving meal. In fact I would prefer it over Turkey, but I’m not one to turn down food.

If the weather holds out and the winds are right I will be making a trip out the the Huron River basin of Lake Erie for the Fall walleye bite. The fish are starting to feed heavily and are fattening up for the winter. There are some good chances at fish over 9lbs.

Most people think I’m nuts and when it boils down to it I guess you could say that I am, but when it comes to fishing, you need to seize the opportunities when you can. This is a trip that is done on a “spur of the moment” style of planning. We watch the weather, wind, and water clarity and typically make the decision only days before leaving. This year will be no different. Right now the plan is to head out before the sun makes its appearance on Friday morning and we should be fishing by noon.

So if you have any faith in mother nature of if anyone has an “in” with her, please put in a good word for us to have some good weather. I will reward you with walleye fillets if you can help me out.

Good luck and Good fishing
Legend Outdoors