Well, it’s official! One of the top companies in the float fishing industry has come out with their own centerpin reel. Redwing tackle is known for their great selection of floats, hooks, and leader materials, and now they have their own Centerpin reel.

For those unfamiliar with a Centerpin, the concept is simple. This is a reel that is designed for float fisherman fishing rivers and streams. To properly present your bait to a fish you want to have the perfect drift and float control. The centerpin reel looks a lot like a fly reel on steroids, but it is a finely tuned machine with such fine bearings in it that it will spin freely to allow your line to pay out for that perfect uninterrupted drift.

When a fish takes your offering you have a direct connection to the bait for a good hookset and then you have the option of using your hand on the spool as a drag or turning a switch to set the instant drag on the reel.

I have been in touch with Barry at Redwing and he is offering a special contest to those who use the Redwing floats.

Here are some of the details:

This is an excellent chance at winning your own Pin for the cost of a couple of floats.
All you need to do is buy a Redwing Phantom float from your local dealer and then take the card that holds the package together, put your name and address on it and send it in to Redwing Tackle at
55 Mills Road #8
Ajax, Ontario
Canada, L1S 2H2

Barry will be doing a drawing every couple of months. When he does a drawing all the names that don’t get picked are then tossed and a new batch will start. This is an excellent opportunity to get a great reel.

You can go to www.redwingtackle.com to see more products.

Hope this helps out for someone!

You can send in as many as you want, In fact so far there have been people sending in up to 14 separate cards! Just make sure that the cards are from Redwing floats. The way the contest works is there will be a deadline every two months. At that date a name will be drawn and then all the other names will be tossed out to start a fresh drawing for the next time.
The drawing dates are:
First Draw entries accepted Jan 15 to March 14
Second draw entries accepted March 15 to May 14
Third draw entries accepted May 15 to July 14
Fourth draw entries accepted July 15 to Sept 14
Fifth Draw entries accepted Sept 15 to Nov 14

Some specs on the reel:
4.5″ outer spool
3.5″ hub
ABEC rated Bearings
Aircraft grade aluminum and Stainless steel parts
On-the-Fly drag adjustment
Instant On drag control
Convertible from left to right hand

Cory Yarmuth
Legend Outdoors