From a late spring to a short and cooler than normal summer the fish have not been able to adjust to what you would normally see for this year. There were fish still on the beds well into the beginning of summer and now that fall is coming the water temps have peaked at some all time lows. The water temperature has no direction to go but down and this is going to make it an interesting fall season.

Lakes have had very little time for any type of thermocline to establish itself and that could mean we either have a very early turnover, or maybe even none at all. Have you seen this on your favorite body of water? Fish just are not in the spots that you would typically be finding them this time of year.

The fishing has been tough and unfortunately, with the weather changes I only hope that it is not going to affect the way the fishing is for the next few years. This is something that only time will tell, but if you ask this fisherman I really think that we are in for a rude awakening over the next few seasons.

Let’s hope that I am wrong, but the way that things have been going, only time will tell.