Cancer Has Not Stopped Me!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook or have read a few of my earlier blogs know that I have had my struggles at the end of 2016. For those of you who don’t know I was diagnosed with cancer back in August.

This was a huge shock to me and my family. Fortunately I was told that my cancer would respond very well to treatments. However, the treatments were not going to be any fun and they are some of the hardest treatments on an individual.

Crankbaits and Big Fish

I have boxes and boxes of crankbaits sitting at the ready that are just dying to get wet. Why crankbaits you might ask? Well these are probably the most versatile bait that an angler can have. They are commonly associated with Bass fishing, but I have yet to find a species of fish that you can’t catch on a crankbait.

Mark Martin says, School is in Session

All over the ice belt anglers are getting ready to jump onto the hard frozen lakes and chase after a multitude of species. Most of the lakes have a hard layer of ice just begging to be drilled by the angler.

I, for one, am one of those individuals that will be drilling hole after hole looking for anything that wants to chase one of my offerings. Armed with my Vexilar and some new tackle I will be wandering the frozen surfaces looking for willing biters.

NPAA Keynote Speaker promotes “How Do We Pass it On?”

The NPAA, National Professional Anglers Association, has their annual conference coming up the first weekend after the new year. I plan on attending this event as it is a gathering of some of the greatest names in our fishing industry. One of the major draws of this organization is the dedication to passing on the sport to future generations.

This year’s conference will feather ASA President/CEO as the Keynote speaker and he will will address the topic of “How doe we pass it on?” Something that is always top on my list of things to not only do, but improve upon.

Here is what the NPAA had to say about this upcoming event.

BigJon Teams up To Create Trolling Spoons

BigJon Sports is a leader in the trolling world with their full line of downriggers, rod holders, and electronics mounts. They have a family atmosphere within the company, however they are big boys in the sport fishing world.

Their products are all assembled in the USA and their full machining center takes care of most of their components that go into making their top-notch products that can be seen all over the globe. Products that are designed for the fisherman for just about any fishing situation.