Mark Martin and Cory Yarmuth

Lake Missaukee Mark Martin Ice Fishing School

The town of Lake City Michigan rolled out the Red Carpet for Mark Martin and his crew for the Lake Missaukee Ice Fishing Vacation school this past January.  Between the great hospitality and the awesome fishing there was very little that someone could say in a negative tone.

We were joined by Chis Kreiner and Zach Aungst from Great outdoor pursuits as they videoed the event.  Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and watch the episode that Chris and his team have put together for everyone to enjoy.


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Weather Playing Havoc with Illinois’ Summer Fishing

If it is anything like mine the only word to describe it would be poor. The weather patterns in 2014 have done nothing good for the fishing and this is not something that as a fisherman I like to see. The seasons have changed, but the weather is not changing with them in it’s normal pattern.